Sunday, 27 June 2010

:::Named after a STAR:::

Have been searching what is the exact meaning of the word Mira for quite some time. In Islam, Amira means a princess or a leader. But still curious because the letter "A" infront the word. Just asked my dad. After all this time, just asked him what exactly he think by giving me such a very long name. What exactly my name means ?
He said "A star".

"Where exactly you get that?"

He started to open the books cabinet and search between all the books and he took out the Britannica, Micropedia, volume 8.

Mira's comet-like tail stretches more than 13 light years 
"First variable star (apart from novae) to be discovered, lying in the southern constellation Cetus. There is some evidence that ancient astronomers noticed its variable character.The star disappeared and reappeared in a varying cycle of about 330 days. It thus acquired the name Mira (Latin: Miraculous). Its brightness varies from cycle to cycle. Mira is a binary;the red giant primary has a faint bluish white companion."

Animated artist's concept of red giant Mira evolving its comet-like tail
Can't show much how happy I am hearing the answer. Actually,already knew what is the meaning of my name but  didnt' expect the answer from my father, he must be so happy that time. Means that he love me and my mother and giving us all the best he could give :). Then, Must do all the best for him also. Chaiyo !! Chaiyo !!
P/S: No wonder I do like red. It's one of the star characteristic

Friday, 18 June 2010

::Another weekend @ Home::

Weekend. Yeay.. Actually today has to go Mardi to continue my business after two weeks vacation..wargh... But I think I just want to sit at home today, trying to read..getting dizzy just looking at all the books my father gave me...

And these are just half of them...

Do realize that by choosing not to go to Mardi might make someone disappointed and jeopardize my place in Mardi. Just 2 weeks more than I promise will go there every weekend. 

Nak kumpul barang-barang yang menarik untuk dijual nanti. Barang-barang sebelum banyak dah habis dijual and tapak nampak tak menarik bila terlalu kosong sangat... :(

Sunday, 13 June 2010

:::Wedding 2:::

Went to Malacca yesterday.. Luckily, Mr driver came early..hehe..Rupanya mmg dia tak tidur satu hari sebab takut bangun lambat...The wedding is at Tanjung Keling, Melaka... Didn't manage to go to Syerhan's wedding again.. Sorry ya..

Just snaped a few picture of Mr driver with his nephew.. Sleeping...kesian..Not enough sleeping I guest.. So have to wait for him to wake up to go back to K.L.. And the road was jam all the way to Tol Ayer Keroh..

Mr. Driver wif little Amna

Went to Nilai to see his cousin studying there, forgot what is the name of that place and we got lost all the way back to K.L.. Instead of highway PLUS..we entered Highway LEKAS..New tol I think.. And we keep going in and out tol to send his little sister back to UiTM Shah Alam. I didn't count how many tol that we have entered and I have sick in  entering tol yesterday.. Really fed up...

Reach Home Sweet Home at 12 am from Malacca ~Sigh~

Saturday, 12 June 2010


Almost everyday received invitation to go for their wedding ceremony..huhu..loved to go so much but almost alwez failed to do so.. Sorry my dear friend... Bukan sengaja...

I'm trying my best to fulfill those invitation..

Tomorrow have 2 more invitation, one in Malacca and another at Frim..huhu.. Which one to go then ? Still hope that can go to both. Have to discuss with the driver first. Actually I do loved to go to wedding ceremony.. Ada nasi minyak ...haha...and we can meet all our frens there...Well.. Going out early in the morning tomorrow. Hopes that my driver managed to wake early :)

Friday, 11 June 2010

::One Step Forward::

Sudah lama Mira tak update blog nie. Bz Bz sangat sangat. Minggu lepas pergi Johor, temankan Azlan pergi reuinion sekolah dia. Semua kengkawan dia sangat ramah dan mesra. Tema hari itu merah dan hitam. Tapi Azlan tak cakap boleh pakai santai. Since buat di hotel, dan untuk dinner, Mira ingatkan kena pakai formal. Akhirnya Mira sorang jer pakai baju kebaya merah...>*<

Sekarang ni kena lagi prepare untuk 1 July ni nanti.. Risau risau.. Another step to go. Cannot afford to redo the first exam. Sangat sangat sangat tidak larat untuk mengulangkaji semula...

Focus..Focus.. One step forward...