Wednesday, 24 March 2010

:::Jangan Lupa Nyanyi Menawarkan Wang Lebih Dari RM75,000 Ribu:::


Suddenly wake up Very Early in the morning. I want to look at the time but my clock is not working. Looking for y handphone..I guess I put it downstairs..Malas nya nak pergi ambil..And my beloved Samsung Netbook is beside me and I switched it on. And I saw this advertisement on blog.

So, anyone who loves to sing and will not forget the lyrics..ooppss.. I think here if you will not forget the next line in the song, you will have the chance to win the grand prize. There are lots of this opportunity now adays.. But of course I can't participate in it. haha.. Maybe all the radio loyal listeners will switch to other channel or worst, switch off the radio..and said 'who is that ??? her voice is so sumbang'..haha


This are the faces behind the voices that always we hear from radio era...Starting from left, Aznil Nawawi, Din Beramboi, Adi, Reza, Burn, D, Dina.. 

For more information, you can just click 


Waa..So clever... If only you ask me about history and other things, I still can answer it but with the help of the internet.. :) ..haha..

Still Early in the morning.. and I can't go back to sleep yet..My eyes is getting fresher..huhu..There goes my good slumber..

::::Fame Don’t Cost a Thing with DiGi::::

Just went through Nuffnang and read regarding this entry.. It's a really fun thing to do..Really enjoyed doing it.. Haha.. Make my mother laugh when she saw the movie and said that like I don't have anything else to do..Sometimes we have to do beyond what we can imagine..That's life..Right ???

Well, do agree with the statement that 'Some things in life are not so easy to do'. But, according to Digi, it is easy to be famous, and become the star of a DiGi Prepaid’s online banners.

So.. you guys ready to be a **STAR ** .. – DiGi is making it So Easy to be Famous. No more auditions, casting calls or stalking famous directors for you - All you have to do is upload yourself as a VidStar or Photostar at, and you could be a star in DiGi Prepaid’s online banners at websites such as Yahoo!, Myspace, Friendster and more!

To show you how easy it is, here’s an entry from me to be a Videostar using one of the available templates.  Just click at this link to check it out !!!

It is so easy just as 1, 2 and 3... *POOF* Finish..complete.. and in just one night, believe it or not there were already more than 2,000 people watching you.. haha...

And let's see what is the payoff to be famous with Digi..

****Interesting ****

Wait..There is more

Let's join the activity.. It is fun to release your tense for a while and watching yourself dancing all the way..haha..okay..Have fun you guys..

Monday, 15 March 2010

:::AsTuTy CoLLeCtiOn::BehinD ThE ScEne:::PaRt 2:::

Astuty Collection from the Front

D' Boss :) KacHaK !!!

D'Boss' behind the scene

Lot's of choices to choose

Tudung and Selendang are also available :)

Example of Baju Kurung from Astuty Collection

So far, the collections are up to date with a very reasonable price.. Still thinking to have the collection's online but by visiting the store, there are many choices that you can choose from and can try them either it fits or not.. But the online collection still will coming soon.. Need to adjust my time. Thank You to all our loyal customers who have been with us starting from earlier, when we were always moving from one place to one place until now.. For those who have not hear about us, come and have visit at Pandan Capital Mall.. Infront of MPAJ building...

Sunday, 14 March 2010

:::AsTuTy CoLLeCtiOn::BehinD ThE ScEne:::PaRt 1:::

Have always wanted to make this entry but didn't have the chance... No Internet Line... My modem connection has problem due to lightning strike ( I Guess)... So here we go.. Behind the scene, Astuty Collection.. :) ..

My father helped in UKM

Starting by joining Bazaar in JPM .. Then we joined bazaar in JPM, UIAM, UKM, UPM, USIM, and UIA College in PJ...My mom is quite cekal nyer lady.. She never complaint that she's tired going to all these places.. Her passion towards her business is very strong... But she never neglected us.. She's always there for us.. :) ..

Adjusting in UKM kiosk

Sometimes, got jelous with the students..They are too close to her.. huhu... :) What to do, she has her own aura, and too friendly.. She can easily adjust herself anywhere, any places that she went... and sometimes, she could be very stubborn..hehe..

Still adjusting 

And sometimes my father will 'turun padang' to helped her whenever he has 'free time'... and my job is.. hehe.. to buy food..haha... of course not only that.. My job is to assist as required since my father came along so my job is much easier.. to ensure that everything is organized smoothly...

I think that's all for now since I don't have lot's of picture collection in UKM...will be continued later okies...and also THANK YOU to all my mother's customers which is among the students, lecturers, officers and etc for giving her enough support to continue what she is doing right now..

Saturday, 13 March 2010

::Karnival Pendidikan Mara 2010:::

Just got back from 'Karnival Pendidikan Mara 2010' at PWTC today.. Went there with my little brother who has just received his SPM result.. Promised earlier to give him PSP if he just pass his SPM... and now he passed but thanks to him,  he said ' X per la Kak Mira, x kisah pun' budget :)

 Ilyas wearing his shoes

Heard about this carnival for quite some time, starting from the day I heard about it has told ebi to follow me this weekend.. and he agreed... I told him everyday and today is the day.. So early in the morning, I have told him to get ready and we went out at 9.30 am..huhu...I thought that it is still too early but when we arrived, there are others who came earlier than us.. I guess what time they went out from their house...Luckily, we still manage to get parking inside the Putra building... :)

Welcome !!!

Want to take more pictures but my hp battery is low, forgot to charge it's battery need to save power.. :( .. Those who want to gain information regarding IPTA and lots other education opportunity, you are welcome to come here.. But please hurry since it is only for 2 days... and tomorrow is the last day.. Since Ilyas is still new, he has no idea what to ask, same like me before.. So it looks like i'm the one who is seeking the information for myself..huhu.. the same time.. I also seek information to further my studies.. and there are some institution that attracts me... Maybe after I finish my contract with MISC..perhaps.. :)

I thought that there were only Mara Education Carnival but there are too many people in PWTC... TOO MANY PEOPLE you see... and majority of them were carrying MATTA fair bag.. herm... I want that bag too... hehe.. and there we go... from Mara Carnival.. We enter the MATTA fair.. lot's of vacation promotion here...

Queue to get the MATTA bag :)

Very very very interesting place to seek information where we want to spend our holiday with a very reasonable price...but since I haven't plan to go for any vacation yet.. or come to this MATTA fair.. I just walk pass through every booth and read their pamphlet.. maybe next time I come.. I will be much more prepared to plan my holiday..whippeeee...
The organizers

And there are also 'PAMERAN PENGANTIN MALAYSIA 2010' and 'FOTOKEM' many event in one day.. and I don't have any budget....huhu... the camera are on sale.. so so so cheap...Camera that were RM1K+, here we can get about RM600++...huhu..I do have camera already but I'm targetting a video camera next time.. seeking the opportunity to have one in future...

Well, for you all, all these events is only for 2 days... so please hurry..Don't miss this opportunity especially those who just received their SPM result.. ooohh..forgot..CONGRATULATIONS to all who have received your SPM results.. Plan your future wise so that you won't regret later in the future okay :)

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Just wanna make an entri before I go the gym..hurm..tired actually..but has appointment with my trainer...herm..k la.. dat's all..da da..hehe

Friday, 5 March 2010

::::Finally,,,, My Mom's "Almost" Boutique is open for public::::

Yesterday, we did kenduri doa selamat at my mom's shop lot in Pandan Capital n some makan -makan event in noon...She invites almost all of the people in the mall ..hurm... We afraid that the foods will not be enough by looking at how all the people 'serbu' the shop to eat..herm..It's okay..You can eat all you want as long as you are aware that it is 'KEDAI BAJU' not for food promotion...haha.. Seems that my mother's dream is coming true...

For me, it's a little bit chaotic since that the shop's license was approved last tuesday... And the most simple renovation that cost us around RM 2000 ( cekik darah punya contractor ) completed on Wednesday.... My mom went shopping to prepare all the foods on Thursday... and Friday, we did the buffet... It's a little bit there is no official boutique opening event... Just Doa Selamat and the shop.. I also didn't know that she want to do the event yesterday.. I thought she will do it after all has been settle down..and that is next week... Herm.. I guest she can't wait no longer to see her shop operate..:)

Unfortunately, my handphone's battery was dead.. so I can't take any photo to show you all how many people has come to have their lunch for 'free'...hehe..and how the shop's looks like..maybe next time ok...