Saturday, 19 March 2011

Planning for the Big Event

I am getting married soon..haha..actually it is not around the corner okay.. the date is so far far away but I dah bz bz surveying the place on where will the keramat day will be..^_^ ..and the date also..haha..and my father ( who will sponser me of course) and my future husband already geleng kepala look at my attitude..what to do..I'm too excited okay..really really excited..what to do if they are is  my BIG DAY..

So far, there are several places that I have search all over the internet and even ask for their price quotation and they know how excited I am when I received their email...

1. Kampung Pengantin 

2) Dewan Prima Ljt Taman Melawati

There are other places too but these 2 is like I Fell In Love from The 1st Sight..hhuhh...Okay regarding the booking fee, both of them need to be booked at least 6 month earlier from the big event and they also request some booking fee and advance..Haa. This is where my efforts to survey earlier worth it. Need to earn more money and start to save from now. That means no shopping new clothes, no lunch, need to plan my event...

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