Monday, 26 July 2010

Awak Pandai Memancing ker ??


Last friday went to Tasik Kenyir with Azlan's colleague from KDN and AADK.. Mulanya dia cakap pergi Tasik Kenyir, the first thing that came across my mind that time, maybe stay kat chalet under kementerian kot... and the last time I went there wif my family..So ok la.. never bothered to prepare things. Just packed everything when I want to leave the house. And the adventure begins..


Tasik Kenyir View
View from the Dam of Tasik Kenyir
Man, CC and Azlan already plan their strategy to go fishing
Going Down near the Tasik
Hop on to the small boat.. -.-
Boat house that we lived for 3 days and 2 nights
1st person who gets to hold the fish
Nak interframe jugak...hehe
Sungai yang masih belum tercemar
U will be there, everwhere I go.. TQ Pagoda..
It's raining
So re-freshing and  privacy
Together on the boat
2 at the back are RELA and 2 in the front from KDN
Learn how to fishing..1st time maaaaa
Pak Ibrahim, Boat Owner
Last Day in kenyir.. Thanks Everyone

Unforgettable memories,, Thanks to Azlan for giving me the memories that have never crossed in my mind that I will go fishing and lived in boat house.."ala mcm dalam citer Anaconda"..Thanks to all participants especially to Pak Ayob's family.. Nice kids, Aishah and Tasha..and to others...See you guys next time in April...

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