Monday, 26 July 2010

Awak Pandai Memancing ker ??


Last friday went to Tasik Kenyir with Azlan's colleague from KDN and AADK.. Mulanya dia cakap pergi Tasik Kenyir, the first thing that came across my mind that time, maybe stay kat chalet under kementerian kot... and the last time I went there wif my family..So ok la.. never bothered to prepare things. Just packed everything when I want to leave the house. And the adventure begins..


Tasik Kenyir View
View from the Dam of Tasik Kenyir
Man, CC and Azlan already plan their strategy to go fishing
Going Down near the Tasik
Hop on to the small boat.. -.-
Boat house that we lived for 3 days and 2 nights
1st person who gets to hold the fish
Nak interframe jugak...hehe
Sungai yang masih belum tercemar
U will be there, everwhere I go.. TQ Pagoda..
It's raining
So re-freshing and  privacy
Together on the boat
2 at the back are RELA and 2 in the front from KDN
Learn how to fishing..1st time maaaaa
Pak Ibrahim, Boat Owner
Last Day in kenyir.. Thanks Everyone

Unforgettable memories,, Thanks to Azlan for giving me the memories that have never crossed in my mind that I will go fishing and lived in boat house.."ala mcm dalam citer Anaconda"..Thanks to all participants especially to Pak Ayob's family.. Nice kids, Aishah and Tasha..and to others...See you guys next time in April...

Thursday, 15 July 2010

::New Launch GBC by Mcdonald::

It has been a while since my last entry. Sibuk sangat sangat setiap hari. Cuma tinggal hari ahad jer yang boleh tidur dengan lena lama-lama. Tapi tak bley jugak sebab time tu je yang ada untuk spent time ngan kengkawan plak..X per x per..Susah susah dahulu,senang-senang kemudian kan :)

Mira baru je launch ( ceceh, macam launch besar besaran jer), blog baru mira untuk promosi bisnes Mira. Lebih banyak barang baru akan masuk nanti. Buat setakat ni, Mira cuma fokuskan pada beg makan malam, beg 'hook' dan lanyard 'Bling-bling' bak kata kengkawan office. Alhamdullillah, lanyard banyak mendapat sambutan. Tapi mira tak boleh upload picture lanyard tue sebab tak nampak menarik langsung dalam gambar. Kalau tengok depan2, baru menarik :).. 

Kenapa guna nama nisrina ? Nak pendekkan cerita, sebab nampak mcm besh jer :)

Then, everytime punch out from office, me and my colleague (a.k.a my boss) Kak rosma. will walk from Dayabumi to KLCC everyday. If she can't make it, then I will alone..Has become a routine to us. Both are desperately need to lose some weight..haha..not some..but need to lose a lot of weight.

Losing some weight? Mcd just launch their new burger.. Warrgghhhee ( memerhati gambar burger yang mcm sgt menarik )... GBC..sedap ker ?? Sabar sabar...tak sedap tue...Need to test first..Herm..Limited time only from 11 am to 4 am only for today..herm..x per x per..taak der rezeki la tue..(harap-harap esok ada lagi)...

Monday, 5 July 2010

:::Can he manage to survive ?? :::

Home alone at last. Ebi is entering college starting tomorrow in Pahang. The college where I was before, also in the same course as I was before. Hope he will manage to survive there longer. :). Very confident that it is the best course for him for the time being to built self confidence in him and to mix around.

But then who is going to help me to lock the door every night ?? Open the window every morning ?? To be my 'mangsa' every time to do something..huhu..Then I have to learn to be independent myself..huhu..Going to miss him..haha..Then wondering is the question should be can he manage to survive in college or can I survive at home. Have to find new hobby or take over his Playstation..haha..The games is mine..

My parents sent him today and will only be back home tomorrow..I want to join them but I have finish all my paid leave last week since I thought he will register on Saturday as what my father said. And he was wrong.Herm..

Miss KPM actually, the look at the building every morning, the fresh air, Madam Shereen, and all my friends there.