Sunday, 13 June 2010

:::Wedding 2:::

Went to Malacca yesterday.. Luckily, Mr driver came early..hehe..Rupanya mmg dia tak tidur satu hari sebab takut bangun lambat...The wedding is at Tanjung Keling, Melaka... Didn't manage to go to Syerhan's wedding again.. Sorry ya..

Just snaped a few picture of Mr driver with his nephew.. Sleeping...kesian..Not enough sleeping I guest.. So have to wait for him to wake up to go back to K.L.. And the road was jam all the way to Tol Ayer Keroh..

Mr. Driver wif little Amna

Went to Nilai to see his cousin studying there, forgot what is the name of that place and we got lost all the way back to K.L.. Instead of highway PLUS..we entered Highway LEKAS..New tol I think.. And we keep going in and out tol to send his little sister back to UiTM Shah Alam. I didn't count how many tol that we have entered and I have sick in  entering tol yesterday.. Really fed up...

Reach Home Sweet Home at 12 am from Malacca ~Sigh~

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