Sunday, 27 June 2010

:::Named after a STAR:::

Have been searching what is the exact meaning of the word Mira for quite some time. In Islam, Amira means a princess or a leader. But still curious because the letter "A" infront the word. Just asked my dad. After all this time, just asked him what exactly he think by giving me such a very long name. What exactly my name means ?
He said "A star".

"Where exactly you get that?"

He started to open the books cabinet and search between all the books and he took out the Britannica, Micropedia, volume 8.

Mira's comet-like tail stretches more than 13 light years 
"First variable star (apart from novae) to be discovered, lying in the southern constellation Cetus. There is some evidence that ancient astronomers noticed its variable character.The star disappeared and reappeared in a varying cycle of about 330 days. It thus acquired the name Mira (Latin: Miraculous). Its brightness varies from cycle to cycle. Mira is a binary;the red giant primary has a faint bluish white companion."

Animated artist's concept of red giant Mira evolving its comet-like tail
Can't show much how happy I am hearing the answer. Actually,already knew what is the meaning of my name but  didnt' expect the answer from my father, he must be so happy that time. Means that he love me and my mother and giving us all the best he could give :). Then, Must do all the best for him also. Chaiyo !! Chaiyo !!
P/S: No wonder I do like red. It's one of the star characteristic


  1. hehehe interesting post, Mira

  2. Thanks Fina...hehe..interesting meaning also...

  3. of course they love you so much. you are such a great daughter and awesome friend. ^___^