Sunday, 23 May 2010

:::10 reasons why I blog:::

Never thought this blog will be active until today *.* . This is the 50th entry in this blog and I thought why did I start creating this blog by the way. And I can only think 10 reasons:-

1) Trend ~ Everybody have, I must have one too :>
Blogging have become a trend right now. Almost everyone that I know have their own blog. Either to share their personal stories or become a tool to promote their business product.

2) Share Sweet Memories ~ In my life 
I have 3 month vacation and everyday has it's own sweet memory for me (before) and I'd loved to share all those sweet things with other people especially during late Ajid in school..Planning to tell lot's of stories regarding how ajid's is doing in his school...But I guess I'm late...:( I really missed those days.

3) Leisure ~
I have lot's of free time at home. I'd loved to hang out at home watching HBO and AXN channel. (Need to get rid that channel, I'm stuck to it).

4) Brain Storm ~ huhu
My brain need to workout.Haha. With a long holiday,nothing to do except for routines everyday.My brain jammed.

5) Earn Side Income ~ Still Learning
Nowadays, we can earn side income through blogging (nuffnang,advertlits,googles etc). Still learning how to do that. Knew that need to improve my vocab and wordings either in english or malay.

6) Share Experience ~ Job Scope
To be the only female onboard vessel (sometimes) seems to have attracted people around me to hear my stories. Not that I'm tired to tell the same stories all over again. ( I loved to tell stories just that afraid that no one want to hear me all day long...haha) Through blogging, they (especially my family) are able to know every update from me directly without any middle person who loved to tell stories on my behalf.And I'm afraid that the stories will be twisted.

7) Business Promotion ~ Still Learning
Internet is the most effective ways to promote your product. Currently is helping family business and planning to expand the business. But need to consider lot's of things since working onboard vessel, someone who is involved in service business cannot be like chipsmore. Kejap ada, kejap tiada. Will be seriously involved after finished my contract.

8) Challenge to increase the traffic
Consider increasing the traffic as a challenge. Just for fun,have a target. Loved to feel the satisfaction when your target is achieved.

9) Loved designing the blog ~
I'm not a designer (not like dieda or emma or etc,hehe..)..Have no idea at all in designing. Though blogging I can design my blog sesuka hati..hehe..

10) Connection ~
I have families in 2 countries. Doesn't want to 'putus hubungan' with any of them. So by blogging is the most effective ways since we cannot communicate with each one of them right...My mom has 10 siblings and my dad also has 10 siblings. This is what I believe with 'JODOH'.How many cousins do I many..Meriah sangat :)

How about you guys ?? What are the reason's you start blogging anyway.

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  1. sgt seronok bila ada member2 yg mula memblog.. bleh tahu dorang buat ape.. hihie :P