Wednesday, 24 March 2010

:::Jangan Lupa Nyanyi Menawarkan Wang Lebih Dari RM75,000 Ribu:::


Suddenly wake up Very Early in the morning. I want to look at the time but my clock is not working. Looking for y handphone..I guess I put it downstairs..Malas nya nak pergi ambil..And my beloved Samsung Netbook is beside me and I switched it on. And I saw this advertisement on blog.

So, anyone who loves to sing and will not forget the lyrics..ooppss.. I think here if you will not forget the next line in the song, you will have the chance to win the grand prize. There are lots of this opportunity now adays.. But of course I can't participate in it. haha.. Maybe all the radio loyal listeners will switch to other channel or worst, switch off the radio..and said 'who is that ??? her voice is so sumbang'..haha


This are the faces behind the voices that always we hear from radio era...Starting from left, Aznil Nawawi, Din Beramboi, Adi, Reza, Burn, D, Dina.. 

For more information, you can just click 


Waa..So clever... If only you ask me about history and other things, I still can answer it but with the help of the internet.. :) ..haha..

Still Early in the morning.. and I can't go back to sleep yet..My eyes is getting fresher..huhu..There goes my good slumber..

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