Friday, 5 March 2010

::::Finally,,,, My Mom's "Almost" Boutique is open for public::::

Yesterday, we did kenduri doa selamat at my mom's shop lot in Pandan Capital n some makan -makan event in noon...She invites almost all of the people in the mall ..hurm... We afraid that the foods will not be enough by looking at how all the people 'serbu' the shop to eat..herm..It's okay..You can eat all you want as long as you are aware that it is 'KEDAI BAJU' not for food promotion...haha.. Seems that my mother's dream is coming true...

For me, it's a little bit chaotic since that the shop's license was approved last tuesday... And the most simple renovation that cost us around RM 2000 ( cekik darah punya contractor ) completed on Wednesday.... My mom went shopping to prepare all the foods on Thursday... and Friday, we did the buffet... It's a little bit there is no official boutique opening event... Just Doa Selamat and the shop.. I also didn't know that she want to do the event yesterday.. I thought she will do it after all has been settle down..and that is next week... Herm.. I guest she can't wait no longer to see her shop operate..:)

Unfortunately, my handphone's battery was dead.. so I can't take any photo to show you all how many people has come to have their lunch for 'free'...hehe..and how the shop's looks like..maybe next time ok...

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