Monday, 15 March 2010

:::AsTuTy CoLLeCtiOn::BehinD ThE ScEne:::PaRt 2:::

Astuty Collection from the Front

D' Boss :) KacHaK !!!

D'Boss' behind the scene

Lot's of choices to choose

Tudung and Selendang are also available :)

Example of Baju Kurung from Astuty Collection

So far, the collections are up to date with a very reasonable price.. Still thinking to have the collection's online but by visiting the store, there are many choices that you can choose from and can try them either it fits or not.. But the online collection still will coming soon.. Need to adjust my time. Thank You to all our loyal customers who have been with us starting from earlier, when we were always moving from one place to one place until now.. For those who have not hear about us, come and have visit at Pandan Capital Mall.. Infront of MPAJ building...

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