Sunday, 14 March 2010

:::AsTuTy CoLLeCtiOn::BehinD ThE ScEne:::PaRt 1:::

Have always wanted to make this entry but didn't have the chance... No Internet Line... My modem connection has problem due to lightning strike ( I Guess)... So here we go.. Behind the scene, Astuty Collection.. :) ..

My father helped in UKM

Starting by joining Bazaar in JPM .. Then we joined bazaar in JPM, UIAM, UKM, UPM, USIM, and UIA College in PJ...My mom is quite cekal nyer lady.. She never complaint that she's tired going to all these places.. Her passion towards her business is very strong... But she never neglected us.. She's always there for us.. :) ..

Adjusting in UKM kiosk

Sometimes, got jelous with the students..They are too close to her.. huhu... :) What to do, she has her own aura, and too friendly.. She can easily adjust herself anywhere, any places that she went... and sometimes, she could be very stubborn..hehe..

Still adjusting 

And sometimes my father will 'turun padang' to helped her whenever he has 'free time'... and my job is.. hehe.. to buy food..haha... of course not only that.. My job is to assist as required since my father came along so my job is much easier.. to ensure that everything is organized smoothly...

I think that's all for now since I don't have lot's of picture collection in UKM...will be continued later okies...and also THANK YOU to all my mother's customers which is among the students, lecturers, officers and etc for giving her enough support to continue what she is doing right now..

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