Saturday, 13 February 2010

:::Why I Like It Longer:::

What I really need is a longer time..everyone always said that they don't have enough time to do all the things that need to do in one day..including me.. i have lots of things to be done.. and i need a longer time to finish it a right way...Usually when we are getting expert in something, it always either we are late or someone else are much faster than we do to achieve something..Have you ever feel that you think you are fast enough but actually you are not ??? Really frustrated isn't it ??

And now just found out How to Win an LG Chocolate Phone ( BL40 ) and the deadline is today..huhu..just wish that I had a longer time to think what kind of entry should be done..Either it should be funny, or sad or is it just supposed to be part of my experience relating with the sentence " Why I Like It Longer ??? " .. 

It is described by GQ’s Dylan Jones as “Glossy, sleek and thin like a supermodel.”...herm...Love the colour so far..almost all my gadgets is in this colour...will be perfectly match among my other collection if only I can have one.. : D... Morning already so just review the model without hoping anyway since everything has a start...That's why I like it longer..To make my life easier... :)

It’s a refreshing break from standard mobile phone designs with its uniquely long shape that allows for a 4-inch widescreen. Complete with a 5.0 Mega Pixel camera this fully touch screen phone with multi touch function features LG’s proprietary S-Class UI that offers the best in finger-friendly 3D graphics, intuitive responsiveness and easy accessibility. To make things even better, as a privilege of LG’s association with Twentieth Century Fox, the new LG Chocolate phones comes embedded with special content from James Cameron’s epic action movie AVATAR. What better way to utilize LG Chocolate’s amazing 4-inch widescreen with crystal clear HD resolution to give users a cinematic experience all in a grip. Featuring a stretched 21:9 ratio HD panoramic display, LG brings a better user experience when browsing web pages, checking emails or viewing videos on the cinema-like screen.

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