Friday, 5 February 2010

:::A Visit To My BFF:::

Last Tuesday, while I was resting after a long day at work, suddenly I thought how about giving Akmar a surprise visit tonite. I did not able to spend time with her even though I have cuti for almost 3 month....Huhu....

We only met during Melissa a really short time..All our plan was always cancelled  for several reasons . 

So I get ready and told my mom that I want to see Akmar in Shah Alam, and went into the car and called  Dieda..hehe.. she was surprised and wondering what's happening to me. I said nothing just want to visit Akmar :).. Then I called Asma and Aidah... But both of them can't follow since it was a sudden plan and they have other plan already for the night..It's okay..Understand..

I just go infront of Dieda's house and called her..hehe..She was surprised to see how 'nekad' I am to see Akmar... And off we go... :)

Finally meet her..So me, Dieda and Akmar hang out at the nearest McD...Also contribute to Azlan, Mahathir and their friend for showing up that night..But Azlan, u still owe us a treat at Kedai Kopi tau...
Dieda n Akmar

Promised to be back at home before 12 at night..But terlajak reached our house at 12.15 am or something..Sorry mama and aunty Lina, tersalah budget time plak... Next time will be much more alert with timing okay...~~Yeah~~

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