Wednesday, 24 February 2010

:::Keep Changing:::

Somehow, for those who noticed that I always changed my blog designed. It's because I haven't found the design that simply show who I am...Personally, blog is where I share my views and my stories...

So somehow, I want a blog that is simply can represent me... huhu..since I am not good enough in HTML or anything in designing..Only  expert in copy and paste and a little editing..hehe... that is why when I found any new blog design, I will change my blog...It is not because I cannot make my decision or pendirian tak tetap yer, got nothing to do with it...just that all the design are so good and I am not good in making one..but still learning how to make one...So Complicated ....waaaaa

Just want to share that something big will be in Pandan Capital, Ampang In March.... Want to Know what...Well, just wait and see... My mom's dream is almost coming true...

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