Friday, 5 February 2010

:::Hanya Kerana Karipap:::

Today I had a very tough day...huhu..Early in the morning the train scheduled got delayed for a few minutes...Than my stomach doesn't feel so good but the toilet is under maintenance..herm..Reached the office a little bit late but the same time with my boss...Lucky enough not to be late than her or I will have a negative view from her.. :)..Actually I want to come as early that I could because I to need to submit the Applicant's for U.S Visa list today since my boss will have a meeting on Monday. I did take my work to be done at home but I couldn't open it so I decide to do it at office early in the morning....But the thumbdrice was infected by virus and all the data corrupted  and to make it worst the thumbdrive wasn't mine...huhu..It belongs to one of the staff.. Yaiks..

So I need to redo all over again, my pc wasn't online yet so need to be like a refugee, tumpang komputer orang lain nak wat keje...dah la nak register online tu lama...Dear seafarer if only you could register by yourself online, than all the process can be done much faster...doesn't need to queue in the office..wasting lot of your time..not my time..your time... since you have to wait for your turn...Than my hp battery got flat..

Going lunch, luckily the data in the thumbdrive can be retrieved back..huhu...Thank You Kak Rosma,Thank you for being a really nice boss for me...hehe.Going back late, need to finish all the job in the office...Insaf x mo bawa keje balik umah dah..My home is for me to have a really good rest not to be my 2nd office...

I saw nice hot karipap...erm..mcm sedap..'bagi dua ringgit bang'..hehe...after I gave him RM 2 .. I continue my journey to Putra, and used my Touch n Go...yaiks..the screen mention' Not Enough Credit'...herm...I checked my wallet.. My last cash i have used it to buy karipap..huhu...How am i going to go home now..I went to the nearest ATM machine to withdraw money..But I can't because I have only RM30 in my bank now...I forgot to bank in my money because too bz this week....

I check my pencil case, luckily got RM1 in it and also some I manage to go home afterall...I had a really bad day today..Luckily it's friday...and now i'm on my bed writing in this blog ready to have a good sleep after this..Hope tomorrow will be better... Muax...


  1. tu dia.. hanya kerana karipap.. hehe everyone has their bad day.... :)

  2. sedapnya karipap...nyam..nyam..

  3. hehe..dieda..itu dia...hanya kerana karipap...hari tue mmg malang bagi mira dari awal pagi sampai malam..kui kui kui...C O B A A N...