Monday, 8 February 2010


Sob~~Sob~~I've been infected by flu again...huhu...I guess Mr. Flu had a crushed on me so dat's y he always come after me when ever I switch my regular activities...huhu

Not comfortable at all at workplace..Sore throat...sneezing...head ache..wwaaaaa....with lot's of visa need to be arrange...I was only working for 5 day's ..there is no way i am going to apply for MC...huhu..I have never got flu while I was onboard vessel for 4 month...only for toothache..I guess I was meant to be a seawoman... *.*

 Just want to share something, I guess me n my mom dreams to have a boutique will come true..maybe it will not be perfect as well as an established boutique..But well, it's a start.. I also realize that lot's of boutique and shops are closed coz of the economic recession recently, but there is a start for everything right...???

Author: tintakumerah

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