Saturday, 23 January 2010

:::: ToO BiG~~~ToO SmALL::::

Yeay~~~met him today n went out for the whole day~~~has promised to continue our 'treasure hunting' today. And this time we went to Sg. Wang. The Golden Triangle in KL... Every particular shop we enter, but the 'treasure' couldn't be found yet..... The one that I loved doesn't fit me, either it was too small or too big.They don't have my size......herm..... And really frustrating they can't alter it...herm...btol btol frust nie...We went to Sg. Wang, then Low Yatt.. I get myself cooling pad brand Cooler Master for my Samsung Notebook..really love cool...and they are match for each other *.*...After that, we went to Alamanda...sekali just survey survey jer kat I am so tired walking for 'treasure hunting' for the whole day but the treasure is still couldn't be found...but I got my self a cooling pad instead...haha..boleh la...rasanya berbaloi jugak la....

~~ Mr. Hatiku ~~

~~Had our lunch at Hai Nan Nasi Ayam ( Salah Eja Nama agaknya )~~
~~The Most Delicious Nasi Ayam Restaurant ( Most of them said like that)~~

~~BBQ Chicken~~

~~Mr. Hatiku SMS saper tue ??? *.* ~~

~~ Mine Punya Sirap Ais ~~

~~ Mr. Hatiku punya Air Suam ( Awet Muda dia kata *.* )~~

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