Monday, 18 January 2010

Pre-Wedding Course

Well, it's not that i'm getting married around the corner. Just that while I was looking around my friends blog, I read about the wedding preparation. So I guess I will just survey first what kind of pre-wedding course and where it will be held. Just as a preparation coz so far, majority that I know went to the pre-wedding course at the last minute. I don't know if they have prepared themselves early enough by doing some survey or they have done that since maybe their have heard experince from the people that they knew. But different from me, I know nothing...Zero knowledge about all this thing.. My mom is from Medan, and my father..herm....I guess he will just advice me just to go out find out myself...Luckily, with all this new technology, we can get all the information just with our fingertips..hehe..

I just listed out few blogs that has the information regarding this pre-wedding course just for an early preparation..okay...sekali lagi has nothing to do with me getting married okay..NOT YET !!! huhu..not this year... :)

1) Ning Course
2)Blog Catalog
3) Zura Academic
4)Pusat Bimbingan Sri Permaisuri
5)Mahligai Firdaus
6) Getting Married

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