Sunday, 17 January 2010

LoRd Of ThE RiNg

I got one day off today~~ yeay ~~ my dad take over my position today as sales assistant..hehe..sales assistant to my mom..tq papa...When I read newspapers, I always have a deep look at the vacancy area~~ to search if there is any vacancy suitable for me..~~ and also to look at what kind of criteria that the emplyer is seeking so that I can improve my self when I have nothing to do at home...But when I helped my mom, I realised that I have a job...hehe...It is same as sales assistant position..Why should I search other job when I can have a good job by being sales assistant to my mom instead...Better pay ( hehe..of course la..) free food... free transportation... better chance to get promotion..haha.. to be her business partner....less cost, more benefit... ~~ yeay ~

ooo..back to my activity today~~ since i got one day off *.*... I met him today..after long time no see... we went to survey The Ring....The  Ring...Actually this is the first time I went into the jewellery store without my mom... And looking at the variety choice of the ring... Banyak nyer choice.... It makes me so rambang mata..hehe...I just need a simple ring, not too exclusive, not too empty...simply enough to be the symbol of our love...haha...statement berani mati tue...{thanks to dieda coz of that words *.*}We went to Habib and Poh Kong... Just went there to survey only la...We'll buy next time ...I just look at the ring.... and I wish that the day will come...Really wish that..But there are still lot's of things that we have to do...The main thing is of course to find a stable job...huhu..My mom had already give us warning...I can understand that she does that is because she only want the best for her beloved daughter..{ Nurul jangan marah erh } I have to plan my future carefully after I finish my contract with MISC, what am I going to do next....????????

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