Friday, 22 January 2010

LaSt DaY Bazaar in UKM....

Yeay~~ Today is the last day bazaar in UKM... After 5 days berkampung di sana~~ And now I can focus to my own activity~~ I wonder how many times did I said that words...herm~~but 28 Jan and 29 Jan, we will continue our journey back to our basic track...In JPM to continue our business legacy...haha..Thanks to Kak Azizah for recommending us the space in UKM... Really berbaloi...Eventhough it is so far, need to go out as early as other people go to work in the morning...With the traffic and so on...But there is 'Hikmah di sebalik apa yang terjadi'... We know the short cut to Bangi, avoiding the traffic and new experience and new friends also... :)

I want to put the photos along with it's tag but I am not good at it yet..But practices makes perfect so attached is the picture of my mom at Bazaar in UKM with some of our cloth..But I just focus to the T-shirt Muslimah, only RM 25 per piece...(saper nak cepat, stok dah nak habis dah nie )....And also pic of my mom so tired sampai terlena atas meja kejap...kesian dier...Saper yang tak sayang mak macam nie pun tak tau lah apa nak cakap...We love u so much mom...

~~~My Beloved Mother~~~

~~~Our T-Shirt Muslimah~~~

~~~Herm~~~X per la Ma, Biar Mira jer Jaga Kedai OKay~~~

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