Wednesday, 27 January 2010

::::JPM, Putrajaya:::Here We Come:::::

Resting for a while tagging price to my mother clothes that she want to sell tomorrow in Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Putrajaya, B1...Today, my schedule is quite pack but at least I have something to do and it is quite fun doing it since I'm doing it with her.. :)

We went to J**** K***** to get new stock and window shopping to find what's new. We bought Beautiful Blouses and have a very Good Quality too. She is a regular customer for the shop so we can park anywhere we want. Well, its hard to get parking in this road..huhu... After that, we decided to survey like coat design for female. We searched in every row of the shop until the last row but I find something else..hehe... I get an exhibition doll ( patung yg utk pamerkan baju tue..x tau nama dia apa)...I've targeted this thing for a very long time... My mother has a dream..and her dream is to open a boutique...herm.. I guess while I'm still around, eventhough we don't have a boutique yet, but I hope can make her smiling always. After all the things that she has been through, she deserved some happiness right.. So I think we have to act like we have a boutique.. Who knows maybe one day, her dream will come true :).. That I also bought the price tag pistol, some new wood hanger, tag pins, price cardboard.... She said she didn't need that but I just bought it since I have an Idea to make things better... :)

Char Kuey Teow ( The Best In Sri Gombak)

Very late in the evening, went out with Dieda and Izwan.. Suddenly she called to have a drink at Tasik Sri Gombak.. Haven't been there for a quite long time...But before that, went to laminate the Baju Kurung Design from the newspaper that my mother has fell in love earlier..haha... she is so obsess with the design...anything for you mom...Before went to Dieda's house, went to Aunty Siti, Jenal's neighbour to help her with some internet problem...I help as long as I could yer Aunty....Then went to eat Char Kuey Teow, The Best in Sri Gombak near the mosque...

Izwan and his Char Kuey Teow

Dieda and Her News Paper... hehe

Got back at home and continue helping my mother tagging the price.. She got excited with the tools that I bought..haha.. just knew it.. she is excited because I'm excited to use my new tools...It's like a girl get her new toy or doll to play with..haha... Just like a kid...These are my new toy now....

Tagging Tools ( Complete all one set)

and don't forget the Price tag Pistol...

Start after 8 pm and finished at 10 o' didn't expect that my mom will give all her clothes for me to tag... haha..but not exactly done because I have not tag her beloved design of Baju Kurung Riau yet.. I have take a picture of the Baju Kurung together with the standing exhibition doll that I bought..

 ( the design, maybe the light is not good enough, but it did look lovely when you wear it, berbaloi with it's price, RM199 )

Well, that's all for now I think.. Back to tagging duty...huhu

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