Tuesday, 26 January 2010

::: BaJu KuRuNg RiAu::::

Just got back from S*** A*** to get new Baju Kurung design. This time we focus more on Baju Kurung Riau which is a unique traditional clothes. My mother saw its design in a local  newspaper and fell in love with it at the first sight.. ~~ hehe ~~ But she didn't know the way so I have to be her driver today...

I parked in a wrong building since I also didn't know where exactly is the boutique. Just follow my instinct. Fortunately, the building where the boutique was placed is not so far so we just walk. But, we are not lucky enough since suddenly it was raining like cats and dogs and we have no where to go except going straight into the building.. Haha.. Kesian mama, her blouse get wet and it is cold in he mall. When we reached the boutique..maybe they thought who are these women with wet clothes...~~ Yeah ~~ First impression is very important ~~ and we kinda spoiled it.. *.*...

But it is not for long, with my mom communication skill and her friendly aura ~.~...We and the boutique owner chat like we have been knowing each other for long.. ~.~ Need to learn a lot with my mom ~.~ I cuba, try , test the Baju Kurung Pahang because the only size that are available is SS, S and M. We are late. Only those size that are left..~.~ huhu.. I tried size S.. Surprising I can fit in.. haha.. Because I know that I'm getting chubbier ( btol ker eja tue )... and wow.. the dress are so lovely together with the price. It costs RM 235 per piece.. ~.~ huhu.. Since my mother has already fell in love with it. She bought it so she can sell it in JPM this 28th January and 29th January. She know that many of her friends in Putrajaya love the pattern so she don't mind about the price. But for me..Herm..Need to think twice about the price.. Maybe have to work with my mother for a week without any salary so that I can get one of the Baju Kurung ... :)

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