Monday, 18 January 2010

3 Best Place to Go for Backpain and Bones Treatment

For quite some time, I see that majority of Malaysians have backpain or bone illness. There are several methods that were used to treat those pain. For me, all the places that offer such treatments are good but it is always back to the basic if the place is suitable enough for us. Bak kata pepatah 'ada jodoh', if ada jodoh, baik lah kita... Yes... So far i do agree with the statement, since I always accompanied my mom to bring my beloved youngest brother to get his treatment, so I know a little bit about this kind of place.. My mom always bring my little brother to anywhere that she heard is good for him.. All the place are good and after my Yazid has been treated, he will give us that looked, relief looked....haha..maybe his saraf is much more relaxed after having a good massage...bestnyer... my mom confirmed very jealous of I said before Yazid is the VVIP in this house...

I listed down the treatment places for easy reference for others:-

1)Green Chiropractic :- Manage by a couple of husband and wife. Dr Green is from Australia and his wife, Mrs. Green is also a nice lady. Always give us a warm smile and very passion while treating Yazid. But one thing, Yazid will start to cry even the Dr has not yet started the treatment, and he will laugh again when Mrs. Green. said bye bye to Yazid...but after being treated, he will be sleeping silently....Maybe he is too tired..Green Chiropractic is placed above the KFC at Jalan Tun Sambanthan...Near the KL Central...

2) Sifoo :- I am not sure what is this place called actually. This place has been passed on for 3 generation. All the treatments is being done by them ( 1 family - sisters and brothers ). This place is in Ulu Langat, near the Police Station. But one thing, you have to come early, if you come in the middle of the day, you will have to wait for a long time. You cannot set an appointment. You have to take numbers. It is based on first come, first serve. I don't see why they did not want to the appointment systems. Maybe it is because they have already regular customers so they don't bother about any improvements...hermmm...

3) Dr. Zainuddin Homeopathy: - This place is at Taman Koperasi Polis.. He used his own house as his workplace. So he will be avaialable most of the time. Yazid get his first treatment from him when he broke his leg..His leg broke when my previous bibik force his leg to bend over...~~poor Yazid~~my mom did everything that she could, she went to hospital, here and there, and I'm not sure who recommend this Dr to her... He used perubatan secara batin, doa2 and used some medicine..Herm..I think it is miracle that Yazid bones has cured even he did not wear the simen2 thing to his leg.. Yazid ada guna simen tue , but terpaksa buka since dekat sangat dengan tempat dier membuang...jadi x dapat dibersihkan dengan kulit dia got effected by kuman...lepas far.. I think Dr zainuddin is the best.. I hope that he is the jodoh for Yazid treatment...Anywhere his house is also near my house... :) that is the best thing...

There are lots of places, but these 3 are the places that is highly recommended by me.. for now..other places will updated later..okay..need to do somthing else for now...*.*


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  2. This is really great information found here, I really like your blog. Thanks very much for the share. Keep posting.

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