Thursday, 28 January 2010

::::1 Malaysia Concept:::

While cleaning up my room, I'm so 'rajin' today...hehe...I found a pamphlet regarding public sector modernisation. Just thought that by blogging it, it can helped me to memorizing it and understand it better for my exam preparation. I can memorize things better by writing it down somewhere but I believe that if I post it through blog, we can share the information. And that is much more better..

:::1 Malaysia:::
  • It is not something new since it is as a continuous effort since Tunku Abdul Rahman.
  • Various in ethnicity is the source of Malaysia strength and success. The basic of 1Malaysia concept as a platform to achieve success.
  • Togetherness and sense of belonging in one big family need to be implemented and practiced.
" Untuk Maju manusia perlu sentiasa berada di hadapan keluk perubahan manakala untuk kekal di hadapan manusia perlu menerajui perubahan, sebalik jika hanya bernostalgia dengan sejarah kejayaan lampau tanpa gigih mencari kejayaan-kajayaan baru akan menyebabkan gejala jumud dan beku membudaya."

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